Thursday, February 26, 2015

He Keeps Growing Up

Some days, I feel like Small Human can't grow up fast enough. I can get frustrated like any parent, especially when we have a failure to communicate. He does not yet understand why he can't watch unlimited amounts of Curious George, and I can't understand why he needs to whine all of his requests at top volume. It's a pretty basic, run of the mill, parent-toddler dynamic really.

Then there are the days that make me go, "Holy crap, slow down, baby of mine!". Last night, for the first time, he went to bed like a big boy. I put a pillow in his little toddler bed, which thrilled him to no end. He wanted to read stories in there and then get tucked in with a blanket and everything. Up until now he had been pillow-less and using a sleepsack. My Small Human knew exactly what he wanted, snuggled into his pillow with his blanket tucked around him and asked me to sing him songs. Then he just fell asleep.

Even though I'm with him all day, every day, somehow my baby grew up when I wasn't looking. I take comfort in the fact that he is still little though, even though he is no longer a baby. To me, he will always be the alert, curious newborn I first met in the very early hours one January morning that changed me forever. He will always be the one who made me a mommy. Slow down for just one moment, Time, I need to catch my breath!

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