Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Two Year Favourites

Well, I have a two year old. With this comes an ever growing vocabulary and greater comprehension, but also a child who will test your limits endlessly. I'd have to say that Small Human is both at the cutest he has ever been and the most frustrating. His personality is really starting to show, and it is evident that I've got a sweet boy who is eager to please, but very curious and adventurous. This means he is quick to get into all sorts of trouble, but always very penitent about it if it's something off limits. Every time I think he's reached his maximum energy levels, he proves me wrong and somehow gets even more so. It's kind of impressive, but really exhausting!

I wanted to share a few of Small Human's new favourite things. Some things have remained favourites, like his fire chief hat and Max & Ruby books, so I won't include them in the new list.

Harold and the Purple Crayon

We have had this book since he was born, but it has only just now become his most favourite book ever. It's such a cute story and easy read that we don't mind reading it to him multiple times a day. He loves to try to read along with us, pointing out the pie eating moose, or the moon and apples.

Battat Take-A-Part Roadster

This was a birthday present from his friends, and Small Human is obsessed with it. It comes with a toy drill and little drill bits that are in constant use in our house. In fact, when we cease to hear the whirring of the drill motor, we worry and hurry off to investigate what he could be up to instead!

LeapFrog Scribble and Write

His Tita Joy gave him this awesome little computer toy for Christmas (along with 75 other things!) and he loves it so much. It's still slightly old for him, but I think he's really starting to get it and is trying to draw the letters. He still gets really frustrated if he can't get it, but thankfully he is good at asking for help.

Freshly Picked Moccasins

I never would have purchased these at full price, but there was an amazing Black Friday sale so I had to jump on it. My guy is really into shiny footwear, he was always trying to wear his girlfriends' sparkly shoes, so I thought I'd get him his own pair. He calls them his "mockins" and they are his absolute favourite shoe of all time, it's really adorable. They look really comfy too.

~*Happy Tuesday, friends!*~

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