Wednesday, February 4, 2015

No Motivation

I am really sorry for disappearing this last week, but I'm in a bit of a rut because of this cold Small Human and I have. To top it all off, my bunny was sick, we are having some incredibly disgusting grey weather, and then our Seahawks lost the Super Bowl. I'm not even that huge of a sports fan (unless we are talking about my beloved Montreal Habs, then I go cray), but the city's morale has definitely been taken down a couple notches.

Life goes on, though! We've been taking it easy, Skyping with family, getting chores done around the house, cooking every day, exploring, play dates, head bonks at the park, and trying to keep up with my fitness routine. I managed to fit in a high tea girl date too, which was super fun and gave me ideas for my upcoming April birthday!

The biggest thing I realized about life is that nothing at all matters to me, unless everyone I love is healthy and happy. When Small Human fell and gave himself a bloody goose egg, my stomach was in knots until the next day. Then when Tidbit stopped eating for a few hours late at night, I was inconsolable and refused to leave her side in case she went into shock overnight. I slept by her enclosure equipped with a heating pad for her.

I may have a love problem. I love way too hard and just want to help everyone as much as I can, so much that it can make me go a little crazy. That may or may not be the cheesiest thing I have ever said in my life, the jury is still out on that one.

I hope you are all having a lovely week filled with things that make you happy! Happy Hump Day!

Go Hawks!

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