Thursday, February 19, 2015

Due Date Sadness

I just realized that my due date for the "Miscarriage Baby" as we call it, would have been April 5th, which is Easter Sunday this year. That means that our baby that wasn't meant to be, would have been born in the year of the sheep on Easter Sunday, just like I was.

Maybe it's cause today's a grey, rainy day, or maybe I'm just extra emotional but that made me so sad. It's a silly thing to be sad about I suppose. Life doesn't always turn out perfectly, sometimes you hit the mark and sometimes you don't, but you just keep going.

Most days for the last five months, I have been just fine, but sometimes I have a little cry now and then and that's ok. I doubt that this experience will ever fully leave me, even years from now, and that is something I am going to have to accept. It's ok to be sad sometimes, it's ok to cry, and I am also ok with that, I'm still healing.

Have a wonderful Thursday, lovely people, thanks for reading.

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