Friday, February 13, 2015

That Personality Tho

Small Human actually has opinions and knows what he wants and doesn't want now, it's really funny. For example, he absolutely insisted the other day that the fawn sticker I had put on his hand was actually a moose. "Nope. Moose. Moose, mommy." The kid doesn't speak in full sentences yet and I'm already being told I'm wrong.

At night when we put him to bed he asks for "Song, mommy. Song, song." and I am always happy to oblige. What a little sweetheart, he's got me hook, line and sinker. My absolute most favourite thing that he asks for now though, is something near and dear to my heart because I used to do it too when I was little. He asks me to Ugga Mugga, which is a nose kiss that we both learned from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, me 30+ years ago, and him, now.

Some days, it still blows my mind that I'm a 35 year old adult with a little son. In my head, I still feel 8 sometimes, or 25 another day, or even 17. Isn't it strange how that is? You'll always just be you, with the incredible memories of the things you've done in your life, but just a little bit older and wiser, until one day you look in the mirror and realize that you've definitely changed.

Now there's a little boy who lives in my house, who is creating his own new memories of the life he is living. He is developing likes, dislikes, and seeing everything with fresh eyes. I'm so honoured that I am playing a hand in his journey. I get so overwhelmed sometimes when he is misbehaving, or he is running around like a huge ball of energy on my low energy days and I'm having trouble keeping up. I have to remind myself that I'm really only on the journey with him for a short time, and I've got to cherish these Ugga Muggas for as long as he still wants to give them to his Momie, before I just become Mom-can-I-have-money-please?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Happy Valentine's Day, and happy birthday to Noah's Uncle Mark!

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