Monday, September 22, 2014

It's That Time of Year Again

Hello all, happy Monday to you. Today was our first day of Toddler/Parent class which was both exciting and stressful. I have always been one to really embrace Back-to-School, from enjoying my brand new school supplies (new erasers are the best!), to meeting new kids and seeing old friends. However, things are a little bit different when you are a toddler.

What's great about my Small Human is that he is far from being a clingy kid. He is fine going off on his own without me and always has been. While that makes me a little wistful for the tiny baby days, I like that I have full use of both my hands and can actually talk to other mamas now.

I am sadly still feeling a bit anti-social, but I still enjoyed myself, it was nice to see friendly and happy faces. My little guy did so well and had a lot of fun until 30 minutes before class ended. He decided to try his new "thing" of hitting his forehead on the floor on purpose. Repeatedly. And then crying. By the time we left, he was screaming and wriggling his little body with all his might. It was so much fun. My poor kid was a little overstimulated, I think.

Even still, I look forward to the next class. This is a challenging age but luckily it is also a very adorable one. I don't think I had this many activities before I was 2, it's crazy!

He wasn't pleased about having to wear pants, socks, AND shoes for class.

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