Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Schoolyard Rough Housing

I always knew I would get really upset the first time someone hurt Small Human in the schoolyard. I did not however, think that it would occur so early in my son's "school" life. Small Human started toddler preschool this fall and it has been great. He is very independent, has no trouble with mommy or daddy dropping him off, really enjoys all the activities they have, and he loves his teachers.

Today, his Auntie Robyn picked him up for me and noticed he had some dried up blood in his little nose. When I took his jacket off, he had some blood spray down the front of his shirt, and upon closer inspection, some bruising on his nose, gums, and inside his upper lip. Apparently, some kid pushed him and he fell face first into the pavement quite hard.

I was livid. Never in my adult life have I wanted to dropkick a child, until now. I know that these things are bound to happen, but I wasn't prepared for the myriad emotions erupting from my core. I spend my days making sure my children are well cared for, safe, comfortable, and loved, but it is impossible for me to keep them from harm forever. It's just going to keep happening and I have to equip my sons with the ability to literally roll with the punches and handle what the world hands them.

Cleaning up vomit multiple times a week? I can handle that. Pee soaked sheets? Doable, I have a washing machine. Some jerk waking the whole family up at 5am with his car horn? Fine, that ends, but some punk kid hurting my child? It's like witnessing your baby opening that Pandora's Box of childhood. There are things to which I am powerless, which is a difficult thing to realize as a parent.

Anyway, it's not the end of the world but it was a first for Small Human and I. Suffice it to say, he handled it much better than I did, stoic little boy. Happy Wednesday.

UPDATE: It turned out not to be a malicious incident, but a case of toddlers falling and knocking into each other! This is a relief, and Small Human remains innocent to the evils of the world. xo


  1. WTH?! Why didn't the teachers say anything to Auntie Robyn? I'm livid and Small Human isn't even mine! You know I love him loads though :)

    1. You're so sweet Sara! I did actually end up talking to his teacher today, and it was apparently an accident. A bunch of toddlers all fell over on top of each other on the way back in from recess, and it was Noah who happened to end up at the bottom of the pile up. So that's was happened. And the blood turned out to be red paint! Way to give me a heart attack right?