Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Chaos Incarnate

My life is pure kid chaos right now, in the best sense of the word. Right now there are toys exploded all over my living room, dining room and hallway; an almost three year old sprinting around the mess with a toy telephone in tow; a happy babe bouncing in his bouncer chair getting his scalp treated with oils and enjoying his big brother's hijinks; while I make lunch, address Christmas cards, give my rabbit her meds and try to do some laundry.

The days Small Human doesn't have preschool are pretty wild, but they're fun. Our favourite game to play together these days is dodge ball, but we call it "butt ball" because the one rule is that you must aim for the opponent's butt. I thought this was a genius idea until my toddler missed and really got me hard in the spine, but it's better than everyone dealing with broken noses, definitely a better alternative!

It has been almost 8 weeks now, and I'm still in shock that I've got a toddler and an infant. Going places alone with both of them is terrifying for me, but I do it. It gets a bit easier every day, especially now that we've all almost kicked our never ending two week long colds. It also helps that it's now December and officially the bestest time of the year! Christmas with kids is the best thing I have ever experienced, and I've been tearing up on and off while singing carols around the house. Yup, sleep deprivation definitely makes you crazy.

I'll try not to abandon you all again, I'll be putting up some Christmas related posts soon!

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