Monday, September 21, 2015

Home Stretch

It's hard to believe that in just a little over two weeks, we will be a family of four! (Plus a bunny) September has been a busy, yet rough month for us. Brendan has been working non-stop, pretty much seven days a week because work is launching Halo 5 very, very soon. That leaves me with my hands quite full at home, nine months pregnant with a super energetic toddler. My mobility has been oscillating between alright and not mobile at all, and my energy level is nil.

We did celebrate our five year wedding anniversary this month, as well as Brendan's 33rd birthday, so that was nice! We also had a lovely visit from some old friends, and Small Human also recently started toddler preschool (growing up so fast!). We unfortunately had a couple yucky trips to the vet for Tidbit, but she seems to be doing much better now, fingers crossed. As for the new baby, he feels positively enormous in my stomach and he still has more than two weeks to keep growing some more! Oy. I am so, so tired, but we're close to the end, which is such a relief on many different levels. I can't wait to meet this kicky little boy. I also can't wait for my rib/groin/ab/ligament/joint/sciatic nerve/swollen foot pain to go away after delivery.

I have been meaning to do so many blog posts about various different things. Like what's handy to have in your car when you're a mom; about building a good first aid kit; and of course, what's in my hospital bag this time around, but I pretty much sleep during my free time now. Either that or I'm very slowly trying to accomplish household tasks, like laundry, groceries, vacuuming, and getting all the baby clothes washed and ready to go. Everything feels 100% harder these days, I'm just the crankiest lady right now!

My blog won't be very interesting for awhile, and for that I apologize. This pregnancy has been much tougher on me, but I'm hanging in there. Thanks for all your messages of positivity and well wishes! They are very much appreciated. xoxo

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