Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Eight More Sleeps

We have been counting down to Baby Day for Noah's sake. We're hoping it will get him excited for meeting his baby brother, and also hope that it makes him feel included. Right now, I feel like the new baby is this abstract thing that has made mommy grow larger, more impatient, and sometimes causes her pain. When the baby kicks me hard enough to make me yelp, he runs to me, concerned! He is such a sweet boy for the most part. He still sometimes forgets to be gentle and not jump on me when I'm lying down, but he's a toddler, they are rough and tumble, loving little creatures.

My firstborn is growing up so quickly. They are learning about their feelings in preschool this week, which I admittedly thought was too big an idea for such small people to comprehend, but he came home with a basic understanding of the word, frustration. I couldn't believe it, I was shocked and proud. He likes to sleep with three very specific things in bed with him: his water bottle, his rock, and his blue shovel. We couldn't find his shovel before nap and he turned to me to tell me, "Can't find my blue shovel, mumum! I'm frustrated!". I tried not to laugh at the cuteness.

I'm going to miss my rambunctious big boy when I'm in the hospital, but he told me that he has to visit mommy in the hospital, which I know will melt me into a big puddle of mush. We're planning on giving him a big brother present for when that happens. What did you do for your firstborns when their baby siblings arrived? These are a few ideas we're considering:

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