Monday, September 28, 2015

Aaaand I'm Done

I (mostly) love being pregnant, looking pregnant, and feeling my son kick the crap out of me from the inside, but I think I'm done now. 38.5 weeks! Baby Wilson #2 will be here in a week and two days via c-section, which feels both so close and so far away. I pretty much look and feel like I'm going to explode. My balance is just silly, I almost tipped right over and down the hill yesterday while walking up to the house.

I would also very much like to have my body back. I know I'll never look like I did on my wedding day, but I will settle for being a healthy size 6 (or 4!), and not a size 6 plus beach ball, face chub, giant swollen feet, and heartburn. My belly shelf was novel for about two weeks, now it's just completely in my way. I have to cook and wash the dishes sideways. SIDEWAYS. This accounts for much of my back pain, I'm sure.

Would you like to know a funny bit of trivia? It is almost October, and I have been pregnant for all of 2015 so far! That is just bananas. Happy Monday!

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