Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Preggo Life

I'm really sorry to have gone missing for over a week. My priorities as of late have shifted to sleeping, eating, and chasing my toddler, and that's pretty much it. That doesn't really make for a very interesting blog post. Everything is going really well, aside from some severe bouts of leg cramps and an emotional meltdown last Friday where I couldn't stop crying uncontrollably for no real reason. You know, all run of the mill pregnant stuff!

In exactly 7 short weeks we will be meeting our tiniest human! I'm excited and a little bit nervous, but I'm so ready to not be pregnant anymore. My second son is bigger (according to our last ultrasound), and has much stronger kicks, which results in less restful sleep and having trouble fitting food in my stomach. I have been eating and drinking small bites and sips throughout the day to stay energized, which is really weird for me, because I usually like to eat a lot at once.

We're not totally sure, but Noah seems to be excited to meet his baby brother. Also, he's been looking like such a big kid lately, it's freaking me out. He has huge hands and feet now and is talking and singing non-stop; he is great at potty pees, but prefers to poop in a diaper; and somehow we're in the last two weeks of summer camp and about to embark on preschool in the fall. Time is both speeding past and inching by simultaneously. My first son is growing up so quickly, and yet my second son feels like he will never get here.

I'm happy though, and enjoying my last easy weeks of having a singleton. Happy Hump Day!

Maternity tee from Weestructed

32 and a half weeks pregnant!

Dancing with my boy

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