Sunday, April 24, 2016

I Did It

Brendan has been working hard for us as usual, and this past week he has been away on the east coast, Boston to be exact, at PAX East, a gaming expo. While he's been working on promoting their upcoming video game (Astroneer), I've been holding down the fort at home, and doing an awesome job (mostly).

I'm embarrassingly proud of myself for parenting alone for almost a whole week. Both kids are happy, healthy, engaged, not destroying my home, and we've been doing fun activities and going on outings. I pretty much rocked parenting until today, even though I haven't been getting much sleep. Today the clothes dryer stopped working, I ran out of coffee grounds because my subscription isn't arriving until tomorrow, and it hasn't stopped raining since 6:30am.

It's alright though, because of this one glorious little app on my phone called Postmates. I think the company is based out of San Francisco, and it's basically a delivery service for almost anything you can think of. Today, they brought me sanity in the form of McDonald's hot cakes for Noah and a sausage egg McMuffin meal for momie, complete with a giant coffee.

When the delivery guy arrived, Noah was so excited, and in true toddler fashion exclaimed, "Hey! You are a man and you are bringing us food and a BIG coffee for mumum! I don't drink coffee, I'm too wittle. You are a nice man, fank you!" Why is he so funny? Happy Sunday everyone, may your coffee cups be full and your children happy.

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