Monday, January 16, 2017


77,000. The number of times I have tried to write a blog post today but kept getting overwhelmed, and interrupted by children/life. Small Human is 4 today! I started this blog the year that he was born, and it's crazy to think it's been that long since I've become a mother.

He's still Small, but he is definitely no longer a baby. His size is no indication of his presence though, he is a larger than life force of nature that I struggle to keep up with. I often get asked questions I do not know the answer to (already!), so Google and I have become best friends. My eldest son is smart as a whip, headstrong as a bull, knows precisely what he wants at all times, and thinks he knows better than his parents. I thought I had at least 11 more years before I had to deal with this.

Then just when I think I can't handle any more of the storm that is Noah, usually around 4 o'clock every single day, he proclaims in the car on the way home from his birthday car wash (he just loves them), that he is a very lucky boy and would like to buy the kids who don't have any toys, some toys with the money he saved up in his jar.

Basically, right when I think I'm failing because he has refused to listen to me all day, slapped his baby brother in front of company, insulted said company, and made unreasonable demands of both of his parents from 6am on, I feel like I just might have succeeded a tiny bit. Everyone warns you how hard parenthood is, and you brace yourself for it but it's so, so much more difficult at times than you could ever have imagined.

How did we celebrate our boy? At the zoo with the rest of the wild animals of course! He and his best friend, Keegan also happen to share a birthday, so we decided to share a zoo party together and it was a total blast!

This is how they play: violently

Best buds on the carousel

Snacking at Kuya Noah's birthday party

This boy is seriously fearless

I'm already embarrassing, apparently. :P

He's wearing not one, but TWO Birthday Zoo buttons, he was so proud!

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