Friday, January 8, 2016

An Almost Threenager

Nobody can make my blood boil like my toddler. He's my beautiful, incredibly bright, energetic little boy, but he drives me crazy 50% of the time. The answer to everything now is "no", he very obviously wants to exert his will and show us that he is a person with choices, but my patience tank is just about empty. The thing is, patience is the key to feeling like you are somewhat of a good parent, so now you know where my morale is at the moment.

I have been feeling like everything is a struggle, everything is a battle of wills and I'm exhausted by it. If he doesn't respond to reasoning, he only backs down after I've already lost my temper. Who on earth wants to lose their temper 75 times a day? Not I, and certainly not with one of the loves of my life.

We will get past this obstinate behaviour (I hope), and will one day look back on these years as the sweet and adorable ones of childhood, but right now I feel like I'm barely surviving it. Add a new baby, sleep deprivation, and exhaustion into the mix and you really have to marvel at how strong parents are capable of being.

Years from now, if Noah should ever decide to read my blog, I absolutely expect a heartfelt thank you for not abandoning him at Target after a giant public tantrum. Oh and by the way, THANK YOU, MOMMY. I know how crazy I drove you, and Noah is giving you your revenge.

It's not all fighting and hardship here, though. He is also chatting away and playing make believe like nobody's business; he loves reading and counting and building things; and he is really sweet to his baby brother. My Noah is a good kid, just a strong willed one. Takes one to know one, I guess. Have a great weekend!

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